IP Triple provides a full service solution which represents a major breakthrough for MDUs, Hotels, US Military bases and College or  University dormitories using EchoStar and Dish Network programming . We couple state-of-the-art entertainment systems that deliver the latest technology and content for the creation of a personalized guest experience. IP Triple utilizes the most advanced proven technology that delivers High Definition Free-to-Guest channels and Video-On-Demand programming, along with custom interactive applications. It is flexible and can meet each hotel’s needs and objectives whether their entertainment system utilizes IP or COAX cabling.

Full Hybrid IPTV experience comprising broadcast and broadband channels (Free-to-Air, Internet or Pay-TV), each seamlessly available in SD and HD formats.

Optimized screen navigation with a HD user interface, integrated channel list, 3-D icons and carousel feature for fast access to content.

Customized channel services that include Picture-in-Picture, zooming, subtitling, audio track selection, parental control or specific screen display features, as well as instant access to additional broadcaster editorial content and Catch-up TV services.

Rich program guide information available in partial and full-screen mode with metadata and images, updated from broadcast and IP data streams, and integrated with PVR functions.


IP Triple provides a foundation for transforming the set-top box into an advanced media access device.

PVR (Personal Viewing Recorder) services include permanent time shifting, instant scheduling and recording, complete with video thumbnails to optimise content navigation.

VOD (Video-On-Demand) portals with attractive carousel-based catalogues, movie trailers and search capabilities, provide intuitive and immediate content access through progressive download or adaptive streaming protocols. These delivery options ensure the best media experience possible, even in low bandwidth areas or across unmanaged networks.

OTT (Over-the-Top) services enable original Internet content and applications to be made available as dedicated TV channels, content portals or service applications/widgets. Examples of content and service offerings include: user-generated videos, music services, web radio and specialist (local) TV channels. Internet-enabled services such as games, information services are also popular ways to extend services offerings beyond the usual linear TV experience.

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