IP Drives the world!

What is Three over IP, Triple Play or even Quad Play? Internet Protocol has emerged as the de facto standard for delivering telecommunications and entertainment services over wireline and wireless networks. Triple Play is the three services of Television, Telephone and Internet, adding Mobile Wireless gets you a Quad Play.

IP Triple Communications began as an FCC 214 Carrier with a focus on building international IP Voice networks for Tier One carriers AT&T, Frontier, Bell Canada, Belgacom and Swisscom. As the industry moved to support Residential VOIP services IP Triple began testing Softswitches in the lab to identify a solution that would support its Cable TV and Telephone carrier clients in Brazil, Indonesia, China, Mexico, Argentina, Philippines and Malaysia.

IP Triple was part of the winning team to privatize the Triple Play infrastructure for Army Air Force Exchange Services at Yokota Air Base, Japan which led to its service being recognized as “Best Long Distance Service” for the entire Asia Pacific Region.

The service delivery solution expanded to include US Television services which IP Triple now delivers to any anyone who has internet access.